Vendela Grundell Photographic Thoughts

Vendela Grundell
One-day show

Welcome to Det okända (The Unknown). Nine photographers present films, prints and installations with artist-run pop-up gallery 6T. May 15 at 3-9pm, Gävlegatan 12 (Stockholm). More info at

Periscope film + book

Periscope from Vendela Grundell on Vimeo. Click the headline to preview Periscope, a slow cross-fade merge of twenty photographic collages. The film is available for screening, and its images are available in a book or as individual prints. Images and thoughts on the theme are found in the Portfolio section. Inquiries and orders to


Welcome to photographer, writer and Art History PhD student Vendela Grundell. These pages present a selection of photography and drawing projects, essays and articles. Click headline for comments or inquiries about visual and written work, and please connect through LinkedIn and Instagram. Enjoy!