Vendela Grundell Photographic Thoughts

Vendela Grundell
Book Chapters

Coming chapters in Error, Am­bi­guity, Creativity: Multi­­disci­plin­ary Perspectives, eds. S. Whatley and S. Popat, London: Palgrave; Socially Engaged Art History: Alternative Approaches to the Theory and Pract­ice of Art History, eds. C. Persinger and A. Rejaie, London: Palgrave; Visual Activism in the 21st Century: Change and Re­sistance in an Uncertain World, eds. D. White and S. Hartle. 2016: “Friction as Tactical Experience — Interfacing Photographic Instances through Rosa Menkman’s Sunshine in My Throat” in Art and Photography in Media Environments, eds. J. G. Pinto and R. Matoso, Lisbon: Edições Universitárias Lusófonas. 2015: “En stilla retad nerv / A Nerve Slightly Bothered” in Me – Every Body Volume I: Billion Worlds (Swe/Eng) about a multi-media performance art project by artist and choreographer Olof Persson.