Vendela Grundell Photographic Thoughts

Vendela Grundell

Two articles in my postdoctoral project “Seeing Differently / Seeing Difference: Emancipation and Aeshetics in Photography by the Visually Impaired”: “Rethinking while Redoing: Tactical Affordances of Assistive Technologies in Photography by the Visually Impaired” in Media Theory 3:1 2019, and “Navigating Darkness: A Photographic Response to Visual Impairment” in Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies 14:3 2018.


“Seeing More or Less: Troubled Sight and Inner Vision in Photographs by the Visually Impaired” at The Courtauld Institute of Art in London 2018. “Unruliness: Images against Normality” at Goldsmiths, University of London, and the universities of Coventry and Nottingham Trent 2018. Info here. “Glitchar och glitch-konst. Museet som nätverk: Nätverk, flöde och störande konst” […]

Flow and Friction

Revised and extended edition of my PhD thesis, Flow and Friction: On the Tactical Potential of Interfacing with Glitch Art (2016). Available through bookstores, online (for instance Adlibris and Bokus), Art & Theory Publishing and me. International distribution with Idea Books. Great review in Eye Magazine in April 2018.

Book Chapters

Coming chapters in Error, Am­bi­guity, Creativity: Multi­­disci­plin­ary Perspectives, eds. S. Whatley and S. Popat, London: Palgrave; Socially Engaged Art History: Alternative Approaches to the Theory and Pract­ice of Art History, eds. C. Persinger and A. Rejaie, London: Palgrave; Visual Activism in the 21st Century: Change and Re­sistance in an Uncertain World, eds. D. White and […]

Essays in VERK

“Trött hud: Om bortvänd blick och pirrande fingertoppar” in art/photography journal VERK #2 2018. “Att se annorlunda: Skadade ögon bryter fotografiets vaneseende” in Verk #4 2016. The latter included in VERK antologi (Boris Press 2020) together with the interview “Flöde och Friktion.”

Amoeba Kollektiv

Amoeba Kollektiv is a collaboration between Hans Malm, Serinyà and me. We met while creating Det okända (The Unknown), a 6 hour exhibition in a 1500 sqm garage in Stockholm in 2014. Our joint artwork Community Transit was exhibited at Centrum för fotografi on May 12-29 2016 – video here.

Periscope film + book

Periscope from Vendela Grundell on Vimeo. Click the headline to preview Periscope, a slow cross-fade merge of twenty photographic collages. The film is available for screening, and its images are available in a book or as individual prints. Images and thoughts on the theme are found in the Portfolio section.


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